For more than 20 years, Atlantic Coast Marketing, Inc. has specialized in bringing top quality ingredients to the ready-to-eat food segment. Our ingredients are used in refrigerated, frozen, and deli foods that are available throughout 3 segments: manufacturing, retail, and foodservice.

As an independent Sales and Marketing Agency, our goal has always been to carefully select only suppliers that stand above all others in their product category. With quality and food safety leading the way we understand what it takes, to not only offer an acceptable product from a pricing prospective, but from a safe ready-to-eat microbial standpoint. Our suppliers stand fast to provide ingredients that meet stringent micro analytical guidelines. Our products are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis or Good Agricultural Practices.

We have a wide range of ingredients available to fit any application. We understand capacity limitations when it comes to cooking, dicing and even shredding ingredients for a finished recipe. That is why we have a broad array of products that fits nearly every application. From shelf stable to right out of the field, we offer flexibility in every product that we carry.

Understanding the customer is the reason we stand tall after more than 20 years. Let us help your company source just the right ingredient to make your recipe extraordinary.