Ready-To-Eat Hard Cooked Eggs

  • Select Hard Cooked Eggs
  • Salad Hard Cooked Eggs
  • Broken Salad Hard Cooked Eggs

Grade Functionally

  • Nest Run Grade (all sizes)
  • Extra Large Grade
  • Large Grade
  • Medium Grade
  • Small Grade

Flavor Options

  • with Peroxide Solution
  • without Peroxide Solution

Packaging Options

  • Pails: 25 lb, 23 lb 20 lb
  • Pouch: 25 lb, 20 lb, 5 lb, 1 dozen ct

Liquid Pourable Egg Products
(available fresh or frozen)

  • Whole Eggs: with and without Salt
  • Egg Yolks: with and without Salt
  • Eggs Whites: without Salt

Packaging Options

  • Bulk Tanker, Totes: 2000 lb, Kits, Pails

Portion Pack Options (Dry Pack)

  • 2 Pack Hard Cooked Eggs (Ideal for Convenient Stores)
  • 12/12 Hard Cooked Eggs (Ideal for Salad Bars)



Egg Facts

Ready-To-Eat Hard Cooked Eggs are available through a variety of price points and desired applications. Packaging options include pails, Cryovac pouch and Multivac pouch.

  • Select Grade Hard Cooked Eggs: Often used for applications like deviled eggs, where appearance is key to the success of the category. Select Hard Cooked Eggs are more expensive than other traditional applications because of the attention to detail sorting that needs to take place during the packing process.
  • Salad Grade Hard Cooked Eggs: Most commonly used egg in the ready-to-eat Egg Salad category since finished product will be diced. Price point is more favorable than Select.
  • Broken Salad Grade Hard Cooked Eggs: Often considered a byproduct of Salad Grade, these eggs are simply broken eggs that do not meet our strict guidelines for packing as whole eggs. Although, these eggs are packed using the same stringent guidelines of whole eggs, we do offer a slight price savings to the trade when this product is available. Broken Salad Grade Eggs are subject to availability from week to week.

Liquid Pourable Eggs are available either fresh or frozen in a variety of packaging options.

  • Liquid Pourable Whole Eggs are available with or without salt added. Uses include sauces/dressings, entrée dishes or baked goods.
  • Liquid Pourable Egg Yolks are available with or without salt added. Uses include sauces/mayonnaise, side dishes or baked goods.
  • Liquid Pourable Egg Whites are available without salt added. Uses include specialty sauces or baked goods.